Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get pricing?

We provide competitive pricing based on your specific needs, this includes wash frequency, aspects of your site, unit numbers and configurations, and your individual requirements. No two customers are the same. We customise our pricing to suit your fleet requirements. Call us to discuss what you need for your fleet, and we will be happy to arrange a complimentary site inspection and pricing.

Do you need access to water?
Thor Mobile Truck Wash has various on-board water solutions depending on your site, as well as the size and configuration of your fleet.
What about your chemicals? Are they safe and biodegradable?

Yes. Thor Mobile Truck Wash can provide MSDS for all chemicals used to wash your fleet. We are also HACCP accredited, and provide wash and sanitation services to suppliers to the food industry nationally.

Will you provide us with an account?

Yes! Our application process is very straightforward. We service multiple industries nationally, providing centralised administrative accounts services tailored to your specific business needs. Our credit application and quotation is provided to you once we’ve assessed your requirements. Call us, 0437 336 344, to discuss your needs and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

What about water recovery?

We provide tailored solutions to manage water recovery dependant on the various aspects of your site. Check out systemised drain seal process here:

Can you sanitise our cabs?

Yes. We have developed a suite of cab cleaning options, particularly in response to the challenges faced by the transport industry as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thor Mobile Truck Wash can provide cab cleaning and/or sanitising as part of your fleet wash package. We can provide cab cleaning services as part of our scheduled wash, or develop a stand alone solution for your site. Ask us for more details, 0437 336 344.

Can you do detailing services as well?

We certainly can. Many of our customers have a regular or occasional need for a full deluxe detail, we will happily discuss your requirements and provide pricing.

What can you wash?

We can wash nearly anything! Examples include prime movers, rigids, trailers, tankers, refrigerated trucks, trailer internals, food delivery vans etc. We also wash containers and provide sanitation of supermarket crates for leading food retailers. If you need something washed, ask us!

Can you handle washing large fleets?

We sure can! Thor Mobile Truck Wash services some of the biggest names and largest fleets around the Country. We are experienced in dealing with busy fleet managers who just want scheduled, simple and easy solutions when it comes to ensuring their fleets are clean. As we are in every mainland capital city, we can provide a wash solution no matter where you are.

Are you hiring?

With 7 locations nationally, and multiple satellites, we are always looking for genuine, well presented employees. Check out our ‘Work For Us’ for more information, and to submit your interest.